900 sq. ft. condo in Toronto’s Harbourfront Center goes for $1.04M

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With light-filled interiors, mod interiors and bright windows, Canadian condo units are marketed for the right price and its updated amenities are only good things for you when you move in. But what can a price tag be achieved for a mere 952 square feet?

This single-family-style condo just sold in Toronto’s Harbourfront Center for $1.04 million.

Finished in two sections with a foyer, den, master bedroom, exercise room, garden patio and elevator, the new-construction unit is housed in the tallest condominium building in Toronto. It was built for midcentury architect Colin Wingham, who is recognized for his style of residential design with prominent residential projects throughout Metro Vancouver, including Sedlar and the city’s first condo tower, Contini – a 59-storey complex.

The Rivercrest Highline suite features 10-foot ceilings, a lower level that contains large windows with panoramic views of downtown Toronto, and closet space measures 12-by-23-by-40 feet. The 450-square-foot master suite features custom two-storey cabinets, a 10-foot-high ceiling, and a built-in vanity.

The sale was made in the renovation completed in 2017. The finishings include energy-efficient heat recovery ventilators, recessed lighting, a geothermal heating and cooling system, central air conditioning, gas and electric fireplace and dual-sensor laundry.

Plus, you’ll score the benefits of Ryerson University, which is just a 10-minute walk away.

With condo prices in Toronto now at an all-time high, not much room left for a buyer to use their imagination when creating design elements for a home.

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