A Letter From the Head of Colorado’s Public School Board

No child in Colorado is more important to the health of our community than our youngest citizens. That’s why I’m so pleased to say that CSPIRE’s immediate $10 million cash infusion will help protect our youngest students against six serious preventable diseases that are highly contagious. Our Governor, John Hickenlooper, has committed additional cash to increase access to the vaccinations necessary to protect our young and get more of our precious children vaccinated.

The CSPIRE funding and governor’s proposed $500,000 increase will help ensure that current students will receive all vaccines required to enroll in our public schools. While we are grateful for the additional cash for the vaccinations, this additional funding will only enable parents to access vaccines in the fall if the schools apply to the public health department’s immunization board for the vaccinations. As a result, I am directing the Department of Public Health and Environment to include language in the required invoices for the vaccinations included in the school’s vaccination application that sends a strong message that vaccinations for students will no longer be delayed or denied by the school district.

These changes are necessary because one in four kindergarten students are under the age of five and should be fully vaccinated before entering our public schools. We must also continue to look into the option of vaccine boosters to provide another layer of protection in our schools for the next generation of CSPIRE vaccine recipients.

Following CSPIRE’s significant investments in preventable diseases, the school district has more than doubled the funding for the CSPIRE vaccination program in the past five years.

This is a perfect example of how urgent health needs do not have to be at odds with family priorities. Family and community members can help stop some of these deadly and contagious diseases by getting a child the vaccinations and receiving vaccines for themselves.


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