Alec Baldwin faces wrongful death lawsuit in New York

A lawsuit brought by the father of the victim in the shooting of actor James Woods has accused the actor of “an intentional discharge” of his weapon and seeking “reckless, egregious, malicious, wanton and oppressive conduct”.

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The wrongful death lawsuit was filed on Friday in New York state court, charging Woods with negligent and reckless conduct for firing three shots into the wall of Alec Baldwin’s upstate New York home in 2014. Baldwin and his wife had allegedly turned their back on a woman as she was preparing to come out of her house. The lawsuit also cites an account that Woods told a police officer after the shooting, when the father of the woman said he “looked at her, laughed, then just stood there”.

“[Baldwin] could have fired his firearm and retreated,” the lawsuit alleges. “But he did not … More importantly, [Woods] had no reason to fire into the wall. The bullet penetrated the wall and struck Alec Baldwin.”

The lawsuit, according to the New York Post, also states the encounter began over a phone conversation in which Baldwin had blocked the woman, 60-year-old Valentina Petrova, from contacting him. That complaint has not been previously reported.

Baldwin did not comment, but the FBI has also opened an investigation into the incident. A spokeswoman said: “The FBI is aware of the incident, including the involvement of the NYPD.”

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