Are you not thinking straight?

Working on a project or project for some time can be very frustrating. You’re lacking motivation, it’s on the shelf, and no one is giving you the time of day. In the words of Deborah Heyl: “Consistency is what’s lacking”.

Working without direction can be hard, particularly when you need to make smart decisions or move fast to get a decision in place. We all need a little re-charge or inspiration to get things moving again, and it might be difficult to do this if you’re doing it all alone.

How do you turn this problem around and keep yourself going? Here are a few ideas for how you can do so.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the help you need. Ask someone to coach you through your web development or project planning phase. You might find they share some of your challenges and uncertainty, and then guide you through the process together.

If you’re a project manager and you’re newly up for some sort of project management challenge, or even just looking for some input, ask a fellow project manager for some help. You’ll probably learn a lot about the different aspects of project management.

You might think it’ll be a little complicated to simply ask for someone’s help, but I’ve found that it is very simple in some ways. There are two main ways to ask for someone’s help – one involves picking up the phone, the other involves having a word with them via email. The second seems simple but is quite ingenious – you need to set some goals. For example, you can ask, “What do you want to do for me?” You might ask, “Tell me why you want to work with me?” You might ask, “What are the results you want to achieve?”

For example, if you want to convert a website to mobile, you can ask, “When do you want the conversion to start?”

In order to get your website converted to mobile you need to start by converting your landing page. Make sure you understand how it will translate to mobile. Are your authors’ images going to fill the banners on your page? What is your dynamic conversion animation? What will be the source of analytics data? How will it be delivered to the mobile web?

This project might seem complex, but it isn’t and you just need to ask. Communicate your objectives and then ask your partner if they want to help.

Sometimes its hard to find the inspiration you need. There’s so much going on in your life that you’re leaving it almost completely forgotten. What about encouraging friends or family to share things with you? Have you told your friends about the various challenges in your life that you’re facing? If you’ve given people that perspective, is that where the magic really is? It really is.

This can be very useful because you can then return and bounce ideas off people who have had similar experiences. Or you can allow your friends and family to share with you their best ideas. Sometimes when you share similar experiences with your friends and family, they come up with amazing ideas.

Think of the different ways you can support your circle of friends, family and colleagues through their own challenges, both meaningful and trivial.

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