Bernie Ecclestone confirms Monaco Grand Prix cut to three days for 2019-20

F1 could be about to introduce a “three-day” formula after the announcement on Thursday that next year’s Monaco Grand Prix will be reduced to three days.

Confirming his plan to revise the race calendar next year, Bernie Ecclestone told the France Football: “Monaco would become a three-day race and have a tough entrance and exit.

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“Stuck up in the Château de Cagnes during the afternoon,” he added. “We will try to integrate the F1 Lounge by 2019-20.”

Ecclestone said that with this change a second race in Azerbaijan will become a 10-race series, taking away two seats from Belgium.

The statement from Ferrari said there was “some weakness in the field when it comes to potential visitors from Europe and so the race organisers wanted to make Monaco a more attractive destination.

Bernie Ecclestone, the most controversial figure in F1. Photograph: Tom Jenkins for the Guardian

“For us, however, the race is still 90 percent profitable.”

The F1 non-executive chairman, Chase Carey, said there were no plans to strip the championship of its event in Azerbaijan. He said the issue would not come up again in the near future.

“It is something that is an ongoing discussion. The discussions are ongoing with a lot of interested parties,” he said. “But we’ve tried to stay away from it this season.”

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