Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born romance: ‘It’s not true’

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Despite reports, Cooper says he is not dating his latest movie co-star

In his most candid interview yet, A Star Is Born star Bradley Cooper has addressed reports of a budding romance with his leading lady Lady Gaga.

The 41-year-old American actor, who played mentor Joe Pitt in the film, denied reports he is dating his Gaga on-screen lover Ally.

Speaking on The Graham Norton Show, Cooper said: “In all honesty, it’s not true.

“And if it was true, I wouldn’t have kissed her in front of everybody.”

If it was true, I wouldn’t have kissed her in front of everybody. Bradley Cooper

The pair first shared the screen in A Star Is Born, which was released last week.

Cooper revealed to Norton on the BBC1 talk show that she has also received some backlash for the “warmongering” performance in the movie, a remake of the 1954 original, starring Judy Garland and James Mason.

His on-screen mother played by Catherine Zeta-Jones also received criticism for a scene in which she stood over a lit cigarette and pointed at her daughter’s exposed chest.

Cooper revealed to Norton that he had spent many months in “counselling” with Gaga to tackle the criticism.

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“It was really tough. It was all over social media. [Fellow actors] Kim Basinger and Salma Hayek took us to lunch and congratulated us on the bravery of it,” he said.

“I think she felt the same about her performance, and felt bad that the fans hadn’t taken to it as much as we did.”

Asked about Gaga’s reaction when he was asked if they were a couple, Cooper replied: “She said, ‘You did the right thing for your character’.”

Cooper said the rumours appeared to have been fuelled by the fact they were the only ones in the film.

‘Everybody’s focused on that’

Of taking on the part in the remake, Cooper said: “The whole thing was so daunting to me.

“I think people are so attached to what happened in the past but this was a completely new story to tell and I think people are wanting to focus on that.

“But I would hate for me to be this and have everybody focused on that and [Gaga] not be able to do the work and do what I was trying to do with her.”

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On whether the two actors had a relationship off screen, he added: “She was on set when we were filming and I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with her as we were sharing the same screen and playing these very similar characters.

“I don’t have a relationship with her off set; I don’t know if I would even want to have one.”

Gaga, 32, is currently in a relationship with talent agent Christian Carino.

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Cooper joined Graham Norton for the first time after being confirmed as the next Oscars host.

“It’s definitely scary,” he said. “I feel a bit like I’ve come to the cemetery and I haven’t done my tombstone work yet.”

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