Breaking the Floor takes a page from Menlo Park Academy of Ethics and Public Integrity

Story highlights Travis Wall has been removed from traveling with Break the Floor for this month’s shows in LA, Boston and New York

The dance troupe, now based in New York, has since issued a statement regarding this situation

Break the Floor has decided to temporarily suspend touring its show “Nadja and Travis” with Travis Wall and company after the star dancer was “interrogated by law enforcement and falsely accused of sexual misconduct” by a pair of flight attendants, according to a recent report.

Wall was flying from San Diego to Los Angeles when the flight attendants, who were flying on the same plane as the dancers, allege they noticed a “relationship” between the star and his cabin crew. They told CNN they had claimed the relationship as consensual.

According to TMZ, the flight attendants reached out to a third party who reached out to the LAPD and contacted the flight crew, accusing the duo of “inappropriate sexual conduct.” TMZ states LAPD police questioned Wall and the flight attendants, and claims the pair have a history of a romantic relationship.

Wall and his dancers, who are now based in New York, cancelled the next round of performances and cancelled all future scheduled performances. In a statement posted on the Break the Floor YouTube page, the dance troupe said “some members of the crew engaged in inappropriate behavior with Travis while on a transcontinental flight and we feel that this conduct is inconsistent with the Mission and Values of Break the Floor.”

“Due to the circumstances, Break the Floor has temporarily suspended the current tour until we are able to fully investigate this matter.”

Break the Floor has not released a statement regarding what they know about the incident and the status of their show, Nadja and Travis.

The issue is of particularly high importance for a company that claims to support the human rights of women and stand against workplace discrimination. The New York-based dance troupe promoted an anti-sexual harassment advocacy campaign last year to raise awareness about the effects of sexual assault in the workplace. “We are a space for women — especially women of color — to be celebrated,” the company wrote. “We are proud to be creating a home where everybody can feel safe and welcome and where everyone is guaranteed the right to a safe workplace.”

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department has confirmed that they are currently investigating the matter.

A spokesperson for the department said an investigation was opened, after a complaint was filed against “Nadja and Travis” and Travis Wall. The spokesperson did not elaborate on whether the investigation was open because of the flight attendant’s report or because of separate allegations.

Update August 4, 2019 at 8:50 a.m. ET: The following statement from Break the Floor has been posted on the YouTube page:

BREAK THE FLOOR – A statement

The members of the Break the Floor dance company are eager to continue the legacy of Break the Floor, a dance company that celebrates the women and men of color who dance and create our company.

Two weeks ago, one of our professional dance performers, Travis Wall, boarded a transcontinental flight. When he arrived at the gate, an unrelated incident with crew members onboard the flight sparked a chain of events that caused Travis to be investigated and to be cleared of any wrongdoing by the authorities.

BREAK THE FLOOR does not condone any sexual misconduct, and is committed to a culture of empowerment, inclusion and equality. The crew members involved in this incident have been removed from their positions with the company, and Travis was dismissed from his role with the company.

BREAK THE FLOOR is still committed to touring the world, as we aim to pass our company’s mission to spread the world, through music, dance and culture, with all its beauty, depth and variety. As we go forward, we want to be sure that the brand, its artist and all the members of the company feel free to express themselves freely and without fear of harassment.

We will be following through with all of our other programming in San Diego and will move forward as planned for a return to SF on August 16. We hope that our fans across the world will be supportive of our mission for a safe and empowering space for all dancers.

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