Britney Spears talks about past meltdown in London

Written by Staff Writer at CNN, Fernando Alonso

At a special London fundraiser this week, Britney Spears revealed she is living in Las Vegas thanks to fans ‘s generosity.

The “Hit Me Baby One More Time” singer performed at a do for the ‘#FreeBritney’ movement outside the Freemason’s Temple. It was described as a chance for fans to meet and greet Spears, before her headlining residency show at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on Thursday.

The move to free the 33-year-old came in the wake of her recent headline-grabbing meltdown during a Las Vegas show.

In October 2018, she was hospitalized after suffering a meltdown. During the meltdown, she was accused of attacking a photographer, physically attacking a dancer and being surrounded by fire at a promotional shoot.

“I’m in Las Vegas right now, which is awesome,” Spears told the crowds. “Not to be too preachy, but you guys saved my life.”

The “Oops!… I Did It Again” singer explained she suffered a breakdown as a result of performing to large crowds day after day.

“That’s why I’m not working full time… I’m supposed to be off for four months but I can’t stop. I literally am just working through everything that I’m going through,” she said.

“My life is so completely screwed up and you guys are so wonderful and I adore you so much. I just had to get away.”

CNN entertainment correspondent Ashleigh Banfield, who sat in on the live event, described Spears as “deeply emotional” as she revealed her life with her manager Larry Rudolph in Las Vegas had been very different to what was portrayed in the press during her meltdown.

The #FreeBritney movement had quickly been gaining followers on social media after photos were released of Spears being held back from her paparazzi.

“When I was treated so badly, I felt like everyone out there could relate to how I felt,” Spears said, adding her fans had inspired her to “go on a journey” and make a difference.

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