Britney Spears tells BBC she’s not ‘beautiful’ at 18

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

Pop star Britney Spears is happy to reveal her real age, admitting she’s an ’18-year-old girl’ during a candid interview on BBC Radio One on Friday.

When the Britpop veteran was asked by a fan whether she’s “given any thought to wearing make-up and rocking long blonde hair like she used to,” she replied simply, “Yes.”

“But it’s weird cause, there’s a couple of times where I’ll be doing a photoshoot and all of a sudden someone will try to put my make-up on and I’m like, ‘You’re trying to put my whole face on right now’ and they’re like, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I just have so much hair that I have to do.’ So I’m like, “Actually, I’m just 18.”

Pressed further by a presenter about the nature of her relationship with fiancé Sam Asghari, Spears said they were ‘kind of best friends’.

‘It’s not fair, if I’m on the internet and somebody’s saying that I’m not pretty and all that stuff, it’s just not fair. I just can’t stand to have that…They’re not mean, it’s just crazy what people can do.

“(The #FreeBritney campaign) is coming from a good place, but it’s crazy that people will say that about me when I don’t know what those things are.”

Her response was widely shared and picked up by social media users who have welcomed the singer’s personal response to the comments.

Pop star, DJ and actress Charlie XCX described her “head spinning”, with many commenting it was another example of women ‘taking back control’ in music.

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