Country star Jason Aldean says he doesn’t ‘flaunt’ his political stance

Country singer Jason Aldean made headlines when he chose not to appear at the May 4 Country Music Association Awards to protest the country music community’s support of President Trump. Aldean wasn’t alone in not showing up to the show.

Aldean now says he supports different candidates and won’t flaunt his political stance.

The singer, who wrote the hit song “Dirt Road Anthem,” told GQ that he “doesn’t think of myself as one who is going to change anyone’s mind with what I do. I think people know where I stand,” he says.

Aldean is currently working on a new album and says he doesn’t take on political issues lightly, adding that “I pick up the phone, and I call my buddies and I talk about that. If I talk to somebody about their opinions, it’s because I’ve got something to offer.”

Since Aldean didn’t attend the CMAs — as many of his peers did — the story became a center point. Aldean was the target of many people commenting on social media, and music insiders questioned his professionalism and commitment to the industry.

“Jason Aldean’s strong belief in America and the movement that has made this country exceptional has often been lost in the rhetoric of today’s divisive world,” he wrote on Instagram. “I believe that our great country is set to explode and the upcoming midterm elections are going to be huge. I always play my music for my fans but there are some issues that personally make me want to be vocal on. These aren’t political opinions, these are my beliefs and I am who I am.”

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