Did Facebook just kill your local Facebook?

Are you worried about what will happen to your local Facebook post now that the company is finally implementing controversial changes?

A leaked internal Facebook document obtained by CNN reveals what it’s like when a government bans Facebook, how the company reacts, and how it reacts to privacy and free speech concerns about its policies.

The document is a five-page document from April of this year that showed pages banned from Facebook’s controversial “hate speech” policy.

The report breaks down the levels of censorship based on geographical areas and how many posts Facebook believes should be removed. The document is not perfect.

But it does show exactly what the company is tackling, and exactly how many posts Facebook is removing from various pages in each region.

For example, the video above shows the blocking of “Black Lives Matter” along with other banned pages. In other areas, such as Serbia, Facebook removes pages linked to drug dealers and anonymous dog-walking apps.

This type of data comes from public data and what Facebook has access to. But the company may only remove posts related to hate speech if they are being reported to them.

In practice, the report shows in many cases the amount of content that’s taken down depends on how many comments are posted, and what percentage of people in the user base are writing there.

In Serbia, for example, up to 51% of people had posted comments. So, unless the posts themselves are extreme enough, they are still vulnerable to being pulled.

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