Dubai City on Dubai’s vision to turn the desert into a pedestrian paradise

With 53 stations and plans to eventually service 200, it may not seem that far-fetched to see Dubai fitting out similar marvels across the gulf. But the mega-city’s metro network, which reaches across the vast deserts of the desert, is actually being built with a clear eye for “out of the box” thinking.

Shimla, India’s answer to the metro system being constructed by Dubai, includes over 5,000 light levels and 293 LED lights that wrap around the entire 22-kilometer-long train route. It is an ambitious idea at a time when the metro system itself is expanding rapidly.

But before that happens, the first phase of the project – known as Delhi Metro Phase I – is set to open this March, with another five stations under construction. The government has already promised to build a metro line from the airport to New Delhi that would link up with the green line network under construction in New Delhi. While the Emu and airliners may be moving out of the desert, the belief that connectivity will boost the economy and reduce our growing reliance on car travel is perfectly formed.

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