Exonerated Man: 4 Convicted For Murder Should Be Investigated, Sentenced For Something Else

Mujahid Halim (circled) is imprisoned in North Carolina for the murder of Ralph Coleman. He appeared as part of the NewsOne Now panel to discuss the four men who were freed last month after 19 years in prison for Mr. Coleman’s murder. See how he thinks the system should deal with those who actually committed murders.

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After the announcement that four men were exonerated of murder charges following 19 years in prison, some of the biggest names in criminal justice have come out to praise the men as heroes.

In an exclusive sit-down interview with Michelle Bernard and Tavis Smiley on NewsOne Now, 19-year-old Majid Halim, a confessed killer for the murder of Ralph Coleman, admitted to killing Mr. Coleman. But he hopes that other convicts who committed murder are now being examined — especially those who were convicted of crimes they didn’t commit.

To see how Halim feels about the four men exonerated of their felony murder charges and how the system should deal with those who committed murder, watch the video above.

[email protected] shares #newsone views about why the system should consider former convicts that committed “high profile” murders https://t.co/x8iFO2r7CA — NewsOne Now (@newsone) June 12, 2016

Watch Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the four men exonerated for the murder of Ralph Coleman in the video above.


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