Frankfurt Christmas market abruptly canceled over cold weather

The weather has been lousy for the whole of Germany’s commercial calendar, and the mood was even worse at this year’s famous Frankfurt Christmas market, which was scheduled to open on Saturday. Because of the cold weather — not to mention the cold-water mosquitoes — the managers of the event have canceled the market for the first time in 16 years.

The cold and unfriendly weather has cut the number of visitors to the event by nearly 20 percent this year, in contrast to the usual 50,000. The public will be able to visit the event on Sunday, but there is no timeline for resuming the market. The Nordrhein Festspielhaus, the venue, also pulled the plug on its Christmas light show, which was supposed to go live at the beginning of the week, due to a rainstorm that also kept the animals in the zoo indoors.

While the temperatures will begin to rise in the coming days, officials are sure that bad weather will have an effect on shopping crowds. The German press reported on Saturday that sales in November were down 9 percent, in contrast to the month before, when they were up 6 percent.

Read the full story at The Guardian.


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