FREE Tool: Track complaints about Ontario schools

…and we want to know the exact cases. If your child has been subjected to mistreatment, report it!

According to Ontario’s own ERCA website, 4,566 complaints to the province’s independent disciplinary board against Ontario schools over the past 11 years were deemed unfounded, 9,320 allegations of sexual misconduct were dismissed, 882 allegations of violence against students were dismissed, 283 allegations of cruelty against students were dismissed, and 753 allegations of inappropriate relationships were dismissed.

As this list above indicates, there are an incredible number of unfounded complaints and only 169 substantiated allegations of sexual misconduct.

We have a simple tool to help you track all cases, and if your child has been subjected to mistreatment, report it!

Our free ERCA Case Scanner lets you search schools across Ontario by name for complaints, and you can zoom right in to track our study region in Ontario with our signature map! (Related: — the only reporting tool that doesn’t require users to register — our tax-free community-wide database of complaints and responses from Ontario’s independent boards.)

Locate any school or college in Ontario.

Search a school by name:

Search a specific region:

This is a FREE tool but you need to register! Go to and register. Once you register, we will send you access to your scan quickly.

Once you have logged in, start searching the province for complaints by name.

Create a privacy inquiry.

See additional cases by parent reports and by task teams.

Track a province by task team category:

Combine documents that contain a search link.

Watch the news for stories on the subject and connect with advocacy groups to reach out.

Favorite problematic schools to follow closely.

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