Gonorrhea linked to banana consumption in Australia

Image copyright David Lepore Image caption Maya spent her time swimming in a hot spring with the help of her dad

A 10-year-old girl from Australia has caught gonorrhea from swimming in a hot spring with her father.

Her dad, who swam with her in a treatment pool used to test treatment drugs, said she knew she had caught it from her.

Some cases of gonorrhea have been linked to the public consumption of certain types of fruit.

The case in Queensland comes as Australia’s Victorian health department calls for a new awareness campaign for sexual health awareness.

Michael McGannon, from the Victoria Department of Health and Human Services, told ABC radio on Sunday the goal of the campaign was to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, particularly gonorrhea, affecting one in four people who have sex.

Gonorrhea – which is always sexually transmitted – can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease.

People who are at higher risk of infection with the disease are children, men who have sex with men, people with a history of HIV, young women or children who are still breastfeeding.

“A lot of the reason why young people are still having active sex is because they have sex in public, but the most damaging thing that happens is they consume fruits such as banana,” he said.

“A lot of young people are having unprotected sex and don’t realise they could be doing it at any given time of the year – be it Christmas or any time in their summer holidays.”

In Queensland, the Department of Health says there are 1,178 cases of gonorrhea registered this year.

Anyone who is concerned about their sexual health can also call the Sexual Health Counselling Service on 1300 278 182 or visit the LGF forum on Facebook page for some advice.

Last year, in Singapore, a teenage girl caught gonorrhea from vaginal intercourse with a man who was HIV-positive.

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