Great cities in Europe: Beyond Paris

As many as 20 towns in Italy, Belgium, Germany and France are unique and worth a visit

Paris is visited by millions but there are many great cities in Europe that deserve a visit – and not just by the French. Here are some beautiful places that have come to the attention of travellers.

Michoud, France

Michoud, an ancient town famed for its elegant 19th-century houses built in elegant symmetry, is located in the Aude department. It’s about an hour’s drive from the Italian border. The city is home to Nuits d’Orsay, one of the most elegant shopping malls in Europe.

Berlin, Germany

The German capital is well known for its architecture, but much of the city is unspoilt. One of the most spectacular sights is the fast-changing cobbled streets of Kreuzberg. There’s also the Reichstag building, and a key site is the Reichstag Square, where the current German parliament building is constructed.

Denton, Belgium

Denton is the only Belgian city besides Brussels with a conserved medieval state. The highlight of its landscape is the Ruhr region cathedral, where (in nearby Luynes) visitors can sit down for a meal at one of a handful of traditional restaurants in the area. Other highlights include a canal and a lake in Flanders.

Wuxi, China

Although the metropolis of Wuxi is a modern business centre and a popular training ground for Communist Party officials, the city is full of old-fashioned small lanes where shops line the narrow streets. A river views and a castle abound.

Gothenburg, Sweden

When Ron Benyon was asked by an American friend what she should do in Sweden, his answer was an understatement. “See my hometown, a charming and historic town named Gothenburg,” said Benyon. “Its rosy buildings are one of Sweden’s greatest attractions. The local newspaper, Lundskanoiska Naka, has links to the Knights Templar in Rome. And I’m sure you can dream of visiting the beautiful town of Nykör, where Julian [Emperor Julian I] was born.”

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