GTA Online’s new patch lets you capture and transfer characters

GTA Online is gearing up for the release of the game’s first expansion, according to developer Rockstar Games. The expansion will be coming in late 2019, and features a New Baddie Mission: Imprisoned and forcibly conscripted into a black-ops game order, Subject W will undergo multiple deadly challenge trials in order to escape the command and return to his real life home.

When there is a backlash from disgruntled fans of the series, Rockstar tries to gloss over its controversy by doing things like secretly adding microtransactions in Grand Theft Auto V during a live public test, which caused much outrage. This approach to getting updates ready for the public and giving gamers on the edge of their seats goes both ways for the developers. It doesn’t look like Rockstar will change its game development approach, after it failed to hear back on its request for President Trump to delete a tweet about the game.

Rockstar reported back to their fans via Twitter that they received no feedback, because the game needed to be completely completed to receive feedback. Failing to hear back doesn’t seem to be holding them back from working on the game, but their continued silence about the update’s content might. Is there some hidden content that wasn’t answered back on May 17?

Removal of microtransactions

Rockstar has struggled to keep fans of the main game happy since the release of the 2018 update called August Rush, which added microtransactions. Those microtransactions were immediately spotted by fans who were frustrated that the game couldn’t be completed entirely without paying. Rockstar stated the microtransactions were for difficulty increases, with players losing credits and even their money after leveling up.

The upcoming increase of the difficulty of missions could have something to do with the microtransactions and the change in policy seems like a potential way of undoing them. Instead of giving players only 80 karma points as desired by some players, players can earn money by completing certain challenges for high XP multipliers. To date, it isn’t entirely clear what those challenges are, but we should know soon.

This isn’t the first time Rockstar has been forced to make quick changes to an online update. In 2018, online content had to be made available while an announcement was made about that content. But these changes weren’t always the result of these sudden situations.

GTA Online Online Character Design

Once Rockstar Game masterlist editor Vol. 1.20, code-named “Blitzkrieg”, was put live, the developers needed to start filling in character models.

Players flooded Vol. 1.20 with features and by most accounts it was easy to not see a lot of what they wanted. Though most see more than what was advertised, the website also captures most of the hidden features that remain undefined. The website contains a number of photos of deleted files that contain characters and character models.

One example of the difficulties Rockstar had to grapple with with this game update was that this type of update was the first time the gamers was able to voice their opinions to Rockstar. But others were angry when these fans couldn’t participate fully in crafting the game’s experience or even just create characters.

Though most players aren’t angry anymore, they aren’t pleased when microtransactions get added. But the reaction from fans that didn’t pay will be minimal because if Rockstar just plain leaves players out of the creation process, there won’t be any contest winners. But, Rockstar will probably see a lot of requests like they see from their fans if they leave characters and features unadded, or maybe remove microtransactions altogether.

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