Harry Styles makes Us feel better about not wearing nail polish

Fans of the British singer Harry Styles, currently laying low before embarking on a busy 2018 tour, might have noticed a change in his gift selection at Sephora stores across the United States this week.

The singer, who notably debuted a distinctly masculine style last fall after transitioning from pop sensation to literary great, has collaborated with the beauty retailer to launch a limited-edition line of gender-neutral nail polish, reports Cosmopolitan.

Styles stars in the video for the collection’s debut product, two shades of pink called “Golden Skies” and “Jealous.” The latter contains silver particles that evoke “an unmistakable rich, yet subtle shimmer.” While the products will certainly be favored by most males (the label on the nail polish bottles proudly proclaims that they are “all skin tones welcome,” which they are), Styles’s fans might just as well be interested in the product on Pinterest than in the product by hand, since there’s not much to look at in the video.

Harry Styles’s new nail polish range is available in Sephora stores, but now you can watch the video for ‘Golden Skies’ @Sephora pic.twitter.com/ae4g94SYAR — Jess ❄️ (@Jessurbra_) December 20, 2017

But hey, it’s a start. Let’s just hope that other stores feel equally inspired to follow suit.

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