Healthy celebrations: why this now gets you a gourmet chocolate cupcake

The organ cake

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T-shirts often refer to popular foods like burgers or hash browns by specialised ingredients.

Cupcakes can be cupcakes or muffins. Pies can be a combination of sourdough, cherry or chocolate.

But how about organ cakes? A new wearable blood-sugar monitor being developed in Germany gives the user the option of selecting an organ from a menu of 11 from around the world.

The prototype device for the wearable device that connects to the wearer’s phone shows a sliding icon with the user’s blood sugar level on a large plasma screen in the center.

In the down position, the organ can be selected to the left side of the screen. Positioned on the heart is the pancreas, with kidneys and lungs on the right. On the left side is liver, and on the right is heart.

Of course, it isn’t really a life-saving device. Instead, the person wearing the ‘organ cake’ can be encouraged to exercise and eat nutritious foods instead of glucose cravings.

And what if the ‘organ cake’ fails to work, say for some reason?

Thankfully there’s an emergency button on the back, so the user has the option of calling a friend or neighbour in case their glucose meter stops working.

Donations are being sought through Indiegogo.

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