House censures Rep. Tomi Tarkanian for anti-immigration tweet, violent confrontations in Congress

The House censured Rep. Tomi Tarkanian Monday for her role in a recent string of violent confrontations in Congress and outside the Capitol.

The Arizona Republican had been criticized since last month for riling anti-immigration activists. They were upset after Tarkanian tweeted last month: “I am not a Tea Party group, I am Tea Party Tomi.”

Tarkanian later apologized, saying she was “stupidly projecting the Tomi thing” on to her supporters, but it didn’t seem to mollify her critics.

One of them was conservative commentator Ann Coulter, who blasted Tarkanian as she was speaking during a Town Hall. “She’s a bigot! So is every bad person in Congress,” Coulter said, then adding, “Every one of them is a violent sociopath. I’m just stating the facts.”

Tarkanian responded on Twitter, saying Coulter was “too kind to say, ‘Please stop being violent with me, Tomi.”

The House voted 314-112 to condemn Tarkanian, largely along party lines.

Congresswoman Tarkanian recognized her peers on the floor for the success of the measure.

“We are all concerned with public safety. Even though we didn’t come up with a perfect solution, I feel today that we have sent a strong message to people that we take public safety seriously, and that we won’t tolerate violence,” she said.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said, “No matter who you are, our constituents can always count on us to stand up for civility and to say words have consequences. Words can be dangerous.”

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