How to cut down your calories by eating no more than six meals a day

A new study finds that keeping up a limited, two-day daily fast — and following a heart-healthy diet — can help people lose weight. The research led by researchers at the University of Portsmouth shows that the most successful drop-out rate from the diet is when the participants restrict themselves to six meals, and they stick to their time-restricted eating.

Study participant Jake Chappell lost 19 pounds when he spent just two days a week fasting and eating six meals each day. The 28-year-old said he began his own weight loss program after suffering chest pains due to his diet. “You get used to only eating certain things, and a lot of time you can’t tell when you are hungry,” he told BBC. “[The researchers] had to give me a fast scale to see if I was ‘fasting’ or ‘not.’”

Three-quarters of study participants were obese, and found that the diet helped them live longer and increase their energy. But there was little difference in the weight loss between study participants who followed the fast and those who restricted themselves to six meals each day, they found. Those who fasted daily were more likely to be able to keep their gains after being on the diet for four months. The study further suggests that fasting up to five days a week is needed to lose weight consistently.

Next time you feel like the only person on the planet who can’t drop the weight, remember: A new study suggests you could be following the best diet of all time.

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