‘I Hate 1990s Hip-Hop’ Trailer: The ‘Fresh Prince’ of all sitcoms

Image: ABC Images

Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme and Mark Bridges, the show’s composer, joined stars Sterling K. Brown, Benjamin Bratt, and Shea Whigham for a panel in the sitcom’s trailers. Bridges — yes, that composer-director-executive-producer-businessman-all-around genius Mark Bridges — got to showcase some of his composing prowess as he conducted a performance of the theme song written by Homme for the series. Brown, Bratt, and Whigham took on lead vocals to emphasize their current importance.

Unlike many cult favorites, I Hate 1990s Hip-Hop is attempting to recreate the humor and action of that decade without forgetting it. Telegenic actors of color are front and center, rather than merely as a comedic foil, and their gender and sexual orientation remain a topic for discussion among friends. From Brown’s timely response to a young man dressed as Lil’ O and President Donald Trump, to the unsettling young man who suffers the pangs of impotence when watching the Spice Girls when he doesn’t have sex, the series demonstrates its full complexity. There are specific moments where the show prays to a higher power to finish exploring deeper themes, but they’re never laden with the kind of heavy-handedness you usually find in 13 Reasons Why-type shows. While much of the humor is deeply affectionate, I Hate 1990s Hip-Hop is not a church or a proselytizing endeavor. It’s just made by nice, talented people, who loved the year they lived in, and realized how relevant its uncomfortable truths still are today.

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