Iranian governor caught on video getting hit with slaps and punches

Saeed Kamali Dehghan/Reuters A 2-foot tall Iranian man does a victory roll on a local television station in front of protesters in Tehran on Feb. 27, 2015.

IRAN —A conservative official, who is Iran’s governor general of Kermanshah province, was pummeled with punches and slaps Wednesday morning while delivering a public speech in Tehran. The assailant, an 18-year-old political activist, said he was protesting against the young man’s government position.

Video footage, shown in Iranian state media, showed the attacker attacking Ahmad Hasan, the county’s governor.

I hope to meet my future wife very soon!!! — Ahmad Hassan (@ahmad_sidhar) December 19, 2018

Ahmad Hasan, whose face was bloody and visibly bruised after the attack, said he was responding to video of the governor speaking.

Two other men — their faces covered with scarves — tried to intervene, including Iman Shabani, a former mayor of Lorestan province. He was similarly punched but escaped with his life, shouting, “May God curse them.” He told Iranian media that the attack was part of a nationwide campaign by conservatives against what they called Mohammad Reza Aref’s “moderate” government.

Watch a video clip of the attack on Ahmad Hassan:

After the attack, Hassan, who has since been identified as a former member of a pro-government militia, was seen getting into a car that fled the scene. There are conflicting reports about his whereabouts.

Shabani posted a photo of him at the scene of the attack, along with the post saying the men who slapped Hassan during his speech were conservatives.

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