Jet concept could revolutionise aviation

Published by the Pirate FM News Team at 8:00am 8th September 2020. (Updated at 4:10pm 8th September 2020)

A new type of jet could revolutionise aviation.

The ‘bullet’ plane could replace passenger jets with just a fraction of the weight.

The radical development has been spotted in the sky over the UK.

A cam video from the Recovery Aero Team saw what is called the “ODP”, an off-the-shelf looking aircraft with a conventional fuel system.

It has been created by a British businessman – and a 35 year vet.

The Recovery Aero Team says it will be just as fast and cheaper, but just a fraction of the weight.

The video also shows a couple of different versions.

According to Allianz Aviation the result of this research will make an aircraft twice as fast as conventional, and 80% cheaper.

He told the Independent newspaper: “Before I had a four dimensional view on the way the world was to be.

“I used to be a pilot and that got me to a job in law.”

“I realised that the way to simplify aviation was to do it with some of the time limits that the real world has.”

And says the “bullet” plane will be just as fast as the fastest jet or supersonic plane: “It will be unbelievable.”

He added: “I found we need to have hope. It’s too easy to just say doom and gloom. Our research is about having hope.”

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