Ken Jennings’ bizarre ‘Jeopardy’ reply pokes fun at the show

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Twitter user @KenJennings believes he is so old that he can no longer play the popular game show “Jeopardy.”

Speaking on an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) forum hosted by message board LiveJournal, the 68-year-old inquired about the production process for the quiz show he first won an Emmy for in 2009.

“I think I’m too old to play,” Jennings responded with a laugh to a question on how the show was created. “I wonder if anyone remembers me,” he added.

“Jeopardy” might be too for a most future contestants, but it might not be for Jennings. He has one notable advantage over his debut opponents: He is still young enough to keep up with the straight answers.

But we can’t say the same for one show regular whose place on “Jeopardy” he even joked about.

“The people who work on Jeopardy constantly jokingly say, ‘You’re too hot’ or ‘you’re too much of a hothead,'” he told Reddit in 2016 . “They knew exactly why I was doing well.”

Jennings graduated from the University of Washington in 1977 with a bachelor’s degree in English literature and launched his successful “Jeopardy” career in 2000. He took home more than $2.5 million over his 20-show winning streak, which included 11 top five finishes and one $800,000 win.

“Jeopardy” reigns supreme on television with a peak viewership of 30 million, ranking among the top five programs on television.

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He still hosts the “Ken Jennings on Slate” podcast, appearing on the show by phone to pick his brain with Slate writer Dana Stevens and assistant editor Jonah Weiner.

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