Off the record: What male Trump critics say in private

Senior reporter Nahal Toosi’s book In Another Trump Book is based on interviews with Trump confidants and is the first to give their candid opinions on the president. Toosi is not the first journalist to have raised such a story, and while many outlets have spoken with former employees and acquaintances over the years, very few do it in the form of a book.

The suggestion that Trump’s alleged behavior is influencing the women in his life was not entirely new. But Toosi went further by calling out and quantifying the impact on various relationships.

In this excerpt, Toosi details a confessional letter she sent to Trump in June, after she realized she was an awkward human being who didn’t know the meaning of the word “consent.” Her letter discusses the loss of trust she feels toward him and the sense that she was never supposed to share her feelings with anybody. She also writes about her hopes for a future where this is no longer an issue and that she can share more openly and openly about the kind of man Trump has become, without being hypocritical.

In One Last Moment in Trump’s White House, a female journalist confronts President Trump with her bravery and perseverance before she breaks into tears while describing why she’s leaving, then proceeds to deliver what some have called the most stunning speech they’ve heard from the White House since Omarosa.

Some ten hours after the morning meeting, Trump announced the termination of his attorney, John Dowd, and was then said to have called Giuliani—a position Giuliani had no knowledge of. Giuliani responded to Trump, a journalist writes, by chastising Trump for his lack of “feminine qualities”—an apt description, given that Giuliani has explicitly suggested that he might not sit next to Trump at a dinner table—an awful job to ask for.

The journalist, an army veteran, has just written a book on the explosion of homegrown terror groups. It was reported to contain “extraordinarily upsetting” details.

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