Oklahoma man facing death sentence gets new execution date

(EFE) -Julius Jones, convicted in the murder of US gas station attendant Melvyn Keller and given five life sentences for the death of six other persons, has been given an execution date of April 21 by Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin.

The 46-year-old Jones was sentenced in 1994 and executed in 2001, and in 1998. For those crimes, Jones received 538 consecutive life sentences plus additional 36 years.

Last week, the Office of the Chief Public Defender was notified by the Oklahoma Department of Corrections of Jones’ execution date and the state plans to have the condemned prisoner put to death by lethal injection.

During a stay of execution, Jones’s attorneys have submitted a request to the Supreme Court to allow him to remain on death row until a date for a state court trial for various issues is set.

Jones’ case garnered national attention after years of appeals led to a decision to vacate the last execution order of Jones and for the Oklahoma Governor to appoint a panel of six judges to review the execution records and the arguments raised by his lawyers.

Jones was serving a life sentence at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester when he fled the prison on January 27, 1993.

Three days later, he carjacked Melvyn Keller. Jones drove away, leaving Keller, and Keller was later murdered.

Jones committed several other murders and before being apprehended in the Oklahoma City area he shot two bouncers, one of whom died at the scene, and another died a few days later.

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