On Twitter, Alec Baldwin’s brother calls him a target

Daniel Baldwin has insisted that his famous brother Alec Baldwin is a target of blame in the shooting of a 36-year-old man on January 31, reports WBBM Radio.

“I hope some sort of vigilant thing was going on before the shooting. The shooting was definitely … because somebody … was shooting a BB gun at Alec Baldwin. So there’s a faction that’s very angry with Alec Baldwin that believe that’s the reason for the shooting.”

He further pointed out that Baldwin is easily identifiable by the silver Labrador given to him as a gift from his then-2-year-old daughter Ireland.

“After the shooting someone on the walk was saying, ‘I figured out who it was,’ and of course, on the street they actually believe that, because he has a silver Labrador with me. They’re like, ‘I figured out who it was.’ I’m like, ‘Ain’t nobody going to know who that is.’”

Also of note, Baldwin took to Twitter the night of the shooting to reassure worried fans and followers, only adding “This was not the result of a movie…”

After a photo of Baldwin with the dog recently surfaced, Twitter users who questioned whether the dinner date incident was what prompted the shooting began using the #AlecBaldwinIsNotTheProblem hashtag.

A three-year-old guy has been arrested in connection with the shooting. Click through the gallery above to see more tweets.

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