Richard Brownlee on kids and skiing, live at 12.30 on Good Morning Britain

Salary: h

Family: one

Retirement: ten years

Coastal areas: UK

Mountain man: I would think it would depend on my ability to get to the mountains, particularly the terrain, whether I would want to continue skiing a lot or not.

Health: My parents really had a lot of problems with their skis. I didn’t inherit any skiing related diseases or injuries at all so it’s not a concern for me.

Where did you ski as a child?

I think I started in Bulgaria and it was at the Bulgarian mountain school at 7 years old, when I was six.

Would you buy lift tickets for your children?

I would only buy lift tickets for them and I think this would be the time when they would stop skiing, not in 10 years.

Is it risky for young skiers?

Yes, as you’re more vulnerable to getting hurt. You’re not actually 100% strong, if you were you wouldn’t need your skis.

Is it wise to buy lift tickets before Christmas?

If I don’t already have them – and if they’re good ski boots – then definitely buy a year’s worth of lift tickets in December. I wouldn’t buy it all in October and leave it in my garage.

Do you ski often and when do you ski?

I get a small group together when there’s an event – Christmas or a World Cup event. A lot of people go on this holiday and enjoy the sport. I went to the World Cup event on Monday at the Whistler town centre, with Britain’s own Richard Brownlee. We were doing running and climbing. The course was fantastic.

Do you ski in winter?

Yeah, I do. It’s a hobby for me and I do love it.

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