‘Sheil Trump’: Signs at New York Times falsely name Donald Trump as Nazi collaborator

Elizabeth Spiers, co-founder of Gawker Media, and Katherine Adams, former Vice News senior editor and head of Congressional and National Strategy, wrote in a story in News.com that they have been “following a growing cascade of emails and reports that have pointed to sweeping gender and racial stereotypes in American politics and the media, particularly concerning up-and-coming female leaders.”

An article in the Long Island Press in February revealed that Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, Huma Abedin, received emails from multiple accounts that were addressing her as “Your Highness” and linked her to a “black pages” list of phone numbers that white people send their friends.

During the GOP primary, then-candidate Donald Trump questioned the authenticity of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, calling him “half-Kenyan” and a “non-American.” By 2015, he said “Mexicans are rapists.” “Heil Trump,” one sign read.

Reuters chief spokesman Josh Earnest said the organization does not condone the sentiments and that they can’t censor reporters.

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