The other couple – Celia Lövin and Victoria Axworthy

For the first five months they lived together, Celia Lövin shared her £3,000-a-month flat in São Paulo with a crew of architects and interior designers, along with her three dogs, 10 cats and a goldfish

Victoria Axworthy, Commonwealth secretary general, with co-host Celia Lövin

Celia Lövin shares her flat with six humans. Among them is Victoria Axworthy, Commonwealth secretary general, and no big deal, they appear to think.

But have you ever thought about how they get to work every day?

The pair met on a private jet in 2015, after Lövin, a former chief executive of the international organisation Unicef, had been called to advise Theresa May on her response to the military coup in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

“The secretary general wants you,” Axworthy says, and Lövin, a Canadian, answers “yes, of course, of course”.

The pair agree that they will keep their relationship – which immediately attracted scrutiny from conservative media outlets including NewsCorp’s Australia – private and they end their awkward interview.

Axworthy then returns home. The next day, Lövin finds herself in a furniture-shuffling situation, while her new flatmate asks: “What are you planning to do with the sofa?”

“I haven’t even thought about that,” Lövin replies after swatting off Axworthy’s enquiries. “For now, I have five cats and ten dogs, a catfish and two goldfish, as well as desk, chair, orange everything.”

After spending the next month sharing a £3,000-a-month flat with an interior design and architecture firm, the two part ways.

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