The silly way Jake Gyllenhaal made his epic debut on Taylor Swift’s new song

You might have caught a glimpse of comedian and talk show host Ali Wentworth (the wife of retired soccer player Kasey Keller) in the background of a Taylor Swift lyric-riff on Friday night’s episode of the ABC show Jimmy Kimmel Live. Wentworth has been a longtime Taylor Swift fan and Kimmel appreciates her presence in his show, but she may not have expected to be in the studio as Swift sung about not wearing white after Labor Day. Her baggy top was not her fault, but her white scarf. Cue a man of a different color: the ginger-haired Jake Gyllenhaal.

Taylor Swift ends 2016 with a song about a white scarf on… @JimmyKimmelLive — Entertainment Weekly (@EW) April 1, 2016

Wentworth provided a bit of a comic relief to Swift as she sang about her white shirt turning into white pants during the cold weather that has many turning to black. She also supplied some commentary to Kimmel as the show ended about Gyllenhaal. “Jake: Beatrice, I’m a man of your times,” Wentworth said to Kimmel as she began to hug Swift. “Jake Gyllenhaal: I guess white is going out of style.” Gyllenhaal and Swift called it quits over a year ago. The interviewer, Jimmy Kimmel, wouldn’t be embarrassed to send Wentworth to the White House to help him introduce his famous guest.

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