This Guy’s Trying to Rescue Cows From Flooded Pasture, Gets Public Support

Canadian farmers found rescue workers were so appalled by what was happening to cows in one region that they created a Facebook page to alert people.

“When I first saw it, I was shocked,” Megan Henderson told CBC News. “After seeing this on Facebook, I decided to pay it a visit. And when I got there, all the cattle were under four feet of water.”

A massive storm that slammed the Prairies earlier this month left area farmers scrambling to get their cows out of a flooded pasture. But it was hard work.

“I grabbed the [cows] and I held them up by their tail and that’s about it,” Henderson told CBC News. “There’s no cable [that can] get around them and they don’t have a fence so I put up the fenced in area and dug a small creek under a log.”

Henderson was stunned by the number of cattle that needed rescuing.

“I thought I was going to be successful. But there were just so many cows that I had to keep moving to safety. It got pretty scary,” she said.

While this is not the first time such rescue efforts were employed, it was an unprecedented response.

Another woman told CBC News that no one she knows wanted to help.

“We just figured she would just go home and call her veterinarian,” Melissa Dagg said. “We were terrified that the calves would have been exposed to disease.”

After seeing the story posted online and receiving international media attention, other farmers and rescue workers were inspired.

“I get people coming and knocking on my door, people driving up asking if we can bring them some provisions,” Henderson said. “And that’s absolutely amazing.”

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