UK-based aid worker Mia Ayliffe-Chung, killed by IS in Australia, was framed by Syrian network for terrorist offenses

Ms. Raby, who is married to a Canadian journalist, was arrested by IS militants and held captive by the terror group for more than three years. She is now charged in the Lebanese provincial court with defending people against terrorist groups. Her lawyer tells Equestrian, “It seems very obvious to me that she’s being targeted by the Lebanese authorities for defending people.”

Ms. Raby was rescued by Kurdish forces in October. She was held in IS captivity in different locations in Syria and Iraq. She was also subjected to corporal punishment, including public urination in front of people and shaving off all her hair, and she is not able to leave her house in Lebanon without bodyguards.

Ms. Raby told Al-Jazeera in August that she took issue with being detained as the case dragged on. She said she was also “shocked” at the allegations against her. “If I could help people to know that Daesh is involved in illicit exports … against whom I am working diligently, and if I could help help people to fight Daesh’s insidious ideologies, then yes I would,” she said.

The charges against Ms. Raby relate to a security operation conducted by foreign governments, including Canada, the U.S., and the Netherlands in July that forced IS militants to abandon their heavy weapons and slow their pace of chemical weapons attacks.

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