Watch: Hannity on SCOTUS’ two confirmations, Trump’s ‘triumph of hope’, and the end of Republican control

WATCH: Hannity on SCOTUS’ two confirmations, Trump’s ‘triumph of hope’, and the end of Republican control

During President Donald Trump’s successful campaign for the White House, he held a “We The People” rally in Miami, Florida, and while millions of Americans cheered and were grateful to be able to hear his message, Hannity saw it differently.

Just as conservatives have been hearing their voice ignored and forgotten on the left side of the aisle for the last 35 years, as a conservative with a growing audience, Hannity is suddenly a political curiosity. With the media’s sudden interest in the Fox News host, do the media outlets have a new interest in pursuing the truth?

I sat down with Hannity earlier this week to ask him why the media has suddenly shifted their focus to his show. As he noted, “It is unbelievable how fast this whole trend has come about. Five years ago you could have given me a million reasons why I should be a guest at a much larger network, just because they saw me as someone they could satisfy their hunger for news in a way that no one else could.”

WATCH: Hannity on SCOTUS’ two confirmations, Trump’s ‘triumph of hope’, and the end of Republican control

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Having taken the seat in front of America for the last seven years, have Hannity’s words and policies finally become more interesting for these mainstream outlets? Hannity explained that he realized it’s because of his election. “For 10 years the polls were pointing to a Democratic sweep in Congress,” he said. “We were called a laughingstock or a loser by the media because they thought the Republicans were nothing but losers.”

After making it to the White House under the Trump Presidency, he noted that in the latest Rasmussen Poll, one in five Republicans in the country support the majority of the president’s agenda. Hannity noted that there has been a “major shift from the left to the right” and that “the power of the media has shifted.”

Hannity explained that “in politics, the media has often controlled that narrative. They have defined and made what is right, or right for the party to say and what the members of the party support.” By putting all their attention on his show, the media are making it clear to their constituents that their agenda is going to be “to satisfy their appetite to see our nation as something they can believe in.”

As a journalist, Hannity sees the media’s newfound interest in him as validation of a fact that is increasingly obvious to the public: “They simply don’t believe in the mainstream media anymore.”

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Hannity understands the public’s growing fatigue with the endless flow of mainstream media lies and irresponsible reporting. He made it clear that the mainstream media are motivated by his success, “The mainstream media is in it for themselves. They want me back on their shows because of the ratings.” He added, “My ratings are up 35 percent over two years ago and it is proving that the public is tired of being fed the same garbage they have been fed for decades by this vast conglomerate.”

Hannity’s brand of trash talk is what his viewers enjoy, but as he expressed, “Sometimes that’s difficult for people to understand when they hate everything that happens, so you might want to see the hard truth of it all.”

Bottom line: The media does not want Hannity’s viewers to know the truth, because that truth undermines what is important to them. To Hannity, the election of President Trump showed that Americans know better than to be carried along by the elite.

Hannity is changing the conversation by speaking for the people. He sees the media’s quick emergence as proof that people are hungry for a different way of looking at things. Hannity’s viewers are just happy to get a piece of the truth.

Jason Marrero is a strategic consultant and producer at Gateway Pundit and host of the Insight NewsTalk program, Revolution.

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