Where does Kyle Richards stand on Lisa Rinna’s apology?

Jasmine Lennard tweeted today that Kyle Richards will “pay for her mistakes,” and if you don’t believe us, read about the warning that the Real Housewives star didn’t seem to think was funny.

I need Kyle Richards to pay for her mistakes — Jasmine Lennard (@jazzy_lynell) November 21, 2018

Kyle had already used the words “time heals all wounds” to describe her own grief over her friendship with Rinna. Then she made it clear that she had nothing more to add.

“Not going to waste any more time trying to patch the friendship up again and not now,” she said. “Not now, not ever. … You are welcome to apologize to me privately. I don’t need to hear it. Don’t ever apologize to me. That is not the road I would ever want to take, and I will not take it.”

Can there be anything more heartbreaking than that callousness?

The pair were still talking this week, but the niceties were short-lived. TMZ reports that Rinna called Richards an “idiot,” then used an insult from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills villain Lisa Vanderpump’s book to explain her reason.

“Lisa Vanderpump has been my favorite cast member and stand-up gal from Day 1,” Rinna wrote in a two-page letter that was also shared by the site. “If I was ever asked to visit the show she would take me under her wing.”

The 45-year-old also sent some canned text that read, “Andy you don’t know how much hurt this has caused my children and I, and please remember that today.”

Next up for Rinna is surgery on her back, where she claims the skin on her legs are growing through. Richards responded in kind, vowing to educate her and helping her to prepare for the procedure so they both can get through it together.

I’m planning to educate @lisarinna on laser surgery. — Kyle Richards (@KyleRichards) November 20, 2018

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It’s clear that everyone involved still has a lot of love for Rinna’s mother, though. And her Housewives costars say she’s been wonderful at raising her kids and helping her loved ones.

But that could all be short-lived. Rinna threatened to quit the Bravo show when she found out that her mom had been diagnosed with Stage 2B lung cancer in September.

Andy Cohen, who has worked with Rinna for years, took to Twitter to write of her mom: “You are so loved in our family, and we love you so much. We are all praying for you and being there for you. That is my love and protection for you, and please pray for your husband. The greatest work of wifecraft on television is done by your mother.”

Our own Kristin Kruse watched the emotional scene unfold and shared many other messages:

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